FinPay – Changing The Patient Financial Experience

      Understanding your financial obligation

      Medical bills are confusing, we can help.

      Learn the lingo

      At FinPay we understand that healthcare terms can be confusing. That is why we give you the tools to understand how healthcare payments work.

      You deserve more options

      More payment options + freedom of choice = peace of mind

      Know your options

      Knowing your options empowers you to make smarter choices that will take the stress out of managing and making your family’s healthcare payments. finpay¬†gives you more options.

      Together, your provider and FinPay care about your financial health

      Your provider has hand picked a FinPay payment specialists to help you navigate the process

      Get peace of mind

      Your provider knows your financial health is as important as your physical health. Your FinPay Payment Specialist will help you select an affordable payment option for you and your family.

      You Are Not Alone!

      Personal Finance Trends are Rapidly Changing in Healthcare

      Healthcare - 4th Largest consumer expense
      Medical Debt - leading cause of bankruptcy
      Medical Treatment -31% delay medical treatment due to cost
      Out-of-pocket Costs- Premiums & Deductibles have doubled
      Out-of-pocket Expenses- Surpasses $400 Billion Annually

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