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      Patients routinely thank FinPay for the experience

      A Patient Financial Management Solution from FinPay has:

        – 72% PFR Revenue Capture Rate

        – 35% of PFR collected “prior” to care

        – 100% compliant with CFPB

        – Robust patient payment analytics

      Pre-Care $ Collected

      • Industry Average
      • FinPay July 2018

      Pre-Care $ Collected

      Total Patient Financial Responsibility Collected

      • Industry Average
      • FinPay July 2018

      Total Patient Financial Responsibility Collected

      Our Mission

      Our Mission is to create a patient financial experience that mirrors the high-quality clinical care consumers have come to expect by providing patients with financial education, more transparency, and multiple payment alternatives, all at the point of care. 

      FinPay is the market leader in Patient Financial Management Solutions

      A Patient Financial Management Solution from finpay is consumer centric, incorporating transparency, integrity, financial education, more payment options, and equality in pricing for all patients. This will not only capture lost revenue and reduce bad debt, it will improve your brand image in the process.

      •   – Improve the patient financial experience

          – Improve your brand image

          – Create more satisfied patients

          – Collect 74% or more of patient financial responsibility

      See how FinPay does it

      The massive shift in the financial responsibility in healthcare and the $400 billion in consumer out-of-pocket expenses that shift has created is a mandate that healthcare providers must develop a patient financial management strategy that is as comprehensive, proactive, and disciplined as their revenue cycle management strategy.

      This is not a “collections” problem, so expanding collections efforts is not an effective patient financial management strategy. 

      Only FinPay can deliver a Patient Financial Management Solution that incorporates data analytics to identify high financial risk patients, a financial clearance policy builder, manages patient expectations, provides patient financial education, offers more alternatives for payment, and uses automation to streamline the process and eliminate billing costs.

      This year patient out-of-pocket medical expenses will exceed $400 billion with a national collection rate of only 19%

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